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Finding a Good Solution for Austin's Homeless Population.

This informative video highlights additional points of the latest PPP program. Some of the video highlights are - 

  • There has been little to no improvement for Austin’s homeless population since I last wrote about Austin’s homeless situation.

  • Governor Abbott has recently threatened to reinstate Austin’s camping ban.

  • The City Council and Mayor recognize its current efforts are not working and are purchasing more hotels to house some of our homeless population.

  • It’s not clear to me what the solution is, but we should demand more from our local leaders to resolve this problem.

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Guess What's Back? Back Again. PPP is Back. be quick. The deadline is March 31st 2021!

This informative video highlights additional points of the latest PPP program. Some of the video highlights are - 

  • In December's stimulus, Congress earmarked money for a second round of PPP loans.

  • You can qualify if you are did not take a PPP loan the first time around, or if you are a second drawer. But there are different qualifications for each.

  • Contact your lender to find out how to apply - but be quick. The deadline is March 31.

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How to lower tax bill without waiting until next year. 

The Appraisal Districts have more information than ever before. You have to be prepared. Retaining competent council is the first start.


Property taxes can kill your property investment if the appraisal district continues to raise the appraised value of your property, it can sink your return.


Why Bukowski Law Firm?

We bring experience and strategies that work to lower your assessed property values. Our firm has over 10 years of experience protesting property tax assessed values in Texas.


We regularly protest all types of commercial properties – including multifamily, retail, office, etc. We work on a contingency – if we can’t lower your assessed value, you do not have to pay anything.

Our strategies make us determined and aggressive – we will push the appraisal district as far as we can to try to get the lowest assessed value we can. As a one stop commercial law firm – if the appraisal review board does not grant us a fair assessed value, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf.


What is important about property tax protests ?

The Appraisal Districts are very aggressive. It’s in the assessors best interest to raise your taxes as high as possible every year. High taxes can ruin an investment’s rate of return. Make sure the protest of the assessed value on both a market value and an equal and uniform basis. Know your property. Know the analysis. Be prepared.

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