Texas Supreme Court

Temporarily Halts Evictions

Because of the economic impact of the COVID-19 virus, on March 29, 2020, the Texas Supreme Court issued an emergency order that temporarily halts evictions throughout Texas.


Specifically, the order makes it so that:


  • No trial, hearing, or other proceeding may be conducted, and all deadlines are tolled, until after April 19, 2020;**

  • A writ of possession may issue, but the posting of the written warning and execution of the writ may not occur until after April 26, 2020; and

  • New filings may be accepted by courts but the time period is suspended and issuance and service of citations may not occur until April 19, 2020.


There are exceptions if the plaintiff files a “Sworn Complaint for Forcible Detainer for Threat to Person or For Cause.”


A copy of the order is here.

**ETA: The Texas Supreme Court has extended the order until May 18, 2020.


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