Property Tax Lawyer in Austin, TX

As the property market gets higher and more robust in Texas, appraised values have skyrocketed. This inevitably leads to much higher property taxes. Appraisal districts are more aggressive than ever in getting information on your properties by finding sale information online and continually reviewing deed records.

You must be prepared to fight back. There are three steps in the property tax process:
1.    Informal Hearings
2.    Formal Hearings
3.    Filing a Lawsuit

It's not an easy process to navigate, and you must be prepared.

Here at Bukowski Law Firm, we have the right data and are primed to argue.


Our clients include office buildings, apartment complexes, retail shopping centers, undeveloped tracts of land, and companies with significant business in personal property. The property tax lawyers at Bukowski Law Firm represent clients before Tax Appraisal Districts, various taxing entities, and State District Courts to deliver the highest quality representation.

Top 5 Things to Remember When Preparing For Your Hearing With the Appraisal District


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