Your Property Tax Protests Are Over - What Now?

File lawsuit, if necessary

If you are not happy with the results of your board review, you can file a lawsuit against the appraisal district.

Prepare for next year

The more information you have for next year’s protest the better off you will be. So get a head start on that preparation.

Talk to our team – SILENCE  IS GOLDEN

Texas is a non-disclosure state. That means you do not have to disclose the amount of a sale or refinance. Make sure your team knows – Silence is Golden.

How to Prepare for Next Year


If your property is significantly overvalued and you have not had much luck convincing the appraisal district of this, considering bringing in a third-party appraiser. This will be very good evidence at next year’s hearing.

Get your financials in order – income or cost method

Depending on your property, the appraisal district will evaluate it on an income or cost method. Be prepared for either. Have the proper documentation that shows the district overvalued your property.

Pictures/Invoices/Citations to help prove the matter

As always, the more documentation you have in support of your claim, the better.

As a result, any pictures or outstanding repair estimates that you have may help your argument.

We help commercial property owners lower their assessed values, allowing them to pay less tax on the properties they own.

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