Commercial Real Estate Law - Practice Areas

Escrow and Closing


Bukowski Law Firm has a licensed escrow agent at the firm and a strong relationship with multiple title companies to provide you with services for escrow and real estate closing in Austin, TX, for all of your transactions.

Acquisitions and Dispositions


We also provide acquisition and disposition in Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our legal team can assist you with due diligence, drafting, setting up escrows, purchase and sale agreements, and handling title insurance issues.

First Party Insurance Issues


Bukowski Law Firm has extensive experience representing property owners when their insurance company fails to pay a fair value for damaged property.


Code Enforcement Issues


In every city, commercial property owners often become targets for local code enforcement agencies. If you are dealing with a code enforcement agency or the local city council commissioners, you can rely on Bukowski Law Firm to represent your best interests. We have plenty of experience dealing with code enforcement across Texas and are an experienced real estate law firm in Austin, TX.

Vendor Litigation Issues


Inevitably, every property management company and investment company will have to deal with vendors who have not performed the work for which they were hired. Bukowski Law Firm will negotiate with vendors and, if necessary, conduct litigation against those vendors.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Housing Issues


Here at Bukowski Law Firm, we have continuously worked with government agencies to resolve any employment or housing complaints filed against our clients. We are dedicated to our clients’ needs.

Property Tax Protests

Every property owner in every county in Texas should protest their property tax appraised value every year. Bukowski Law Firm can help you get the lowest appraised value for your property so that your property taxes do not become a burden to running your business.

Commercial Development

A great investment for a real estate investor, but it can help improve and transform an area. A good development can help make an area a more livable, walk-able, enjoyable place to live and work, as well as bring a good return for the investor.