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Formal Hearings do not Have to be the Final Step in Your Property Tax Protest

As every Texas property owner knows, we are in the middle of property tax protest season. Too often in that process, the results of the formal hearing are unsatisfactory to the property owner. They are not an accurate reflection of what the assessed value should be. And if the value remains where it is, it can put the owner’s investment in jeopardy.

But the formal hearing does not have to be the final step in the protest. Under Texas law, a property owner is allowed to bring a lawsuit against the appraisal district. The property owner can challenge the ruling of the Appraisal Review Board in court.

Once the property owner files a lawsuit, the claim will proceed through the court system. That means there will be discovery and negotiations. Often there is an agreement reached between the property owner and the appraisal district and the lawsuit settles.

Filing a lawsuit, therefore, can be a very important part of the property tax protest. But, depending on your property, there is a hard deadline to file the lawsuit. And it likely comes up quickly after the formal hearing. So do not wait very long to make a decision.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss filing a lawsuit, please contact us at 512-614-0335.

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